A New Modern Table Leg Fastener

Meet a new kind of table leg fastener. There are two versions of this table leg tenon fastener. The lightweight version and the adjustable version. First, let’s talk about what makes this new kind of table leg fastener so versatile, easy to use and great for making tables and furniture. The Design This type of […]

Meet The Adjustable Mortise Jig & Tenon System™ by Philip Miller Furniture

After venturing into home DIY projects and making furniture for my home, I became frustrated with the high prices of tools and current methods for joining objects together, specifically table legs to table tops. I set my sights on reinventing the complex and difficult method of creating mortise and tenon joints.  My passion to reinvent […]

NES Duck Hunt Game Made Out of Wood | Woodworking Project and Plans

DIFFICULTY: Advanced Learn how to recreate the classic Nintendo Duck Hunt arcade game out of wood. This is a one of a kid arcade game that fits inside a wooden box. The box is designed to look like the classic Nintendo Entertainment System console from 1984. This Duck Hunt game is a single player game […]

How To Make a Ring Toss Game | DIY | Woodworking Project | Plans

This woodworking project is based off of the classic carnival game ring toss. I have updated this game to fit within a wooden box.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Measuring Tape

Are you getting the most out of your tape measure? That might seem like a silly question. After all, a measuring tape is a simple device with a simple purpose: to measure things.

How to Build a Custom Closet for $100 – Woodworking Project

Learn how to build a custom closet for $100 using two sheet of 3/4in plywood. One sheet for the center shelf and the second sheet for the top and side shelf.

How to Build a Vintage Country Chic Lemonade Stand Woodworking Project

Summer is here – and one of the best things about summer is freshly squeezed lemonade! Build your own vintage country chic lemonade stand using the provide instructions and download the blueprint.

How to Build a DIY Lego Table Woodworking Project

I love Legos and so do my kids. I will show you how I built my own DIY Lego storage table and provide you all the information you need to build your own DIY Lego play table.

How To Make a Modern DIY Coat Hook – Woodworking

Woodworking has always been a passion of mine and so has making things. Like my tagline says Country Roots. Modern Living, Made in America. This coat hook represents everything I am. I love simple clean designs and I don’t like seeing fasteners or screws that hold things to the wall like coat hooks.

How to Build a Square Farmhouse Table – Woodworking

What is the perfect size coffee table? That is a good question. I first thought it was 4ft by 4ft but then I realized I needed to think of the negative space in my living room. I discovered that 3.5 ft by 3.5ft would be the perfect size.

How to Build a Cedar Roof and Siding For Your Treehouse

Building the roof was one of the most challenging parts of this treehouse build. I have worked with tar and gravel shingles before but never wood. This was quite challenging because I had to figure out how to properly attach them as well as work from a high and dangerous height.

How to Build a Clubhouse and Swing-Set in Your Back Yard

As a kid I always loved building clubhouses high up in the trees. I imagine it was because of my love for Swiss Family Robinson and their amazing treehouse.

How to Make a Garden Box

My wife asked me this year to build her a garden box. She wanted to grow a garden and teach our kids about how things grow. I remember having a rather large garden as a kid.

How to build The Foundation and Platform for a Treehouse

They say the most important thing to building anything is it’s foundation. Others may argue it is location, location, location.

My First Rehab Project – Front Entryway and Porch

I never thought I would have had to rehab my custom home after living in it for a year, but that is exactly what I did. Here is the story.

How To Make a Cork & Chalkboard

The list of materials and tools to make a custom cork and chalkboard are rather simple. I have added the links to where you can purchase the materials and tools below. You can also find a list of my large shop tools used to make this cork and chalkboard here.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet and Chest – Product Review

Over the Christmas holiday break my Dad pointed out to me that my garage had gotten out of control. I had tools everywhere and only I knew the logic of my organization. Dad suggested that I get a tool cabinet and chest.

How To Make Advent Candle Pedestals

I recently had an opportunity to build 2 sets of advent candle pedestals for my local Church, Twin City Bible Church.

With this project I was able to collaborate with an architect Josh Rucinski. This was wonderful because he provided a 3D model/design of the pedestals using Google SketchUP

How To Make a Fall Farmhouse Bench

Building a farmhouse bench was rather simple and cost less than $20. Say what, $20….that might not sound like a lot but you need some rather nice and expensive tools to properly mill and assemble the bench.

How to Build Built-in Shaker Style Bookshelves

My wife really wanted to have built-in bookshelves and who am I to say no to my amazing wife? I do, however, think that the word “bookshelves” are a thing of the past and should be called something different because they are not really used to hold books anymore. I think they would be better called accessory shelves, display shelves, look-at-me shelves or something more relatable to the content they hold!

How to Build a Shaker Fireplace Mantel and Surround – Woodworking

Learn how to build a shaker fireplace surround and mantel. This is a great DIY home improvement project that anyone can do that will dramatically improve your fireplace and living space.

How to Build a Farmhouse Coat Rack

For Valentine’s Day my wife wanted a coat rack. She had shown me several that she liked but nothing got me excited to build. I decided to take a look at some old wood that I had out in my shop and came up with the design you see below. I call it the Miller Farmhouse coat rack.

How to Build a Built-in Shaker Cabinet Built-in Door Woodworking Project

The Custom Built-ins started out with lots of research, and like many DIY project we looked to Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. You can follow me on Pinterest here and Houzz here. A lot of love and time went into this project and in this post you will learn how the cabinets were made. The second post will discuss the fireplace and the third will conclude with the bookshelves. Below is a photo of the final project.

How To Build a Lego Minfig Shelf

Legos were my most favorite toy as a child and they still are today. My wife allows me to tap into this childhood memory every so often. I have a vast collection of sets and minifigs from my childhood and adulthood, and this love for Legos was rekindled when I had my son Ethan.

How to Build a Custom Pantry | Woodworking Project

When we built our house my wife Samantha wanted to have a custom pantry. After much searching and research on Pinterest and other blogs I came up with the perfect custom pantry design. I have created a video showing you the process. You may also want to check out my other YouTube videos for more projects and tips.