How To Build a Lego Minfig Shelf

Legos were my most favorite toy as a child and they still are today. My wife allows me to tap into this childhood memory every so often. I have a vast collection of sets and minifigs from my childhood and adulthood, and this love for Legos was rekindled when I had my son Ethan.

I noticed one day that Ethan liked to line up his Lego minifigs on the floor but his sister Grace would just come by and take or knock them down. That is when I decided to create a shelf for his Lego Minifigures. Here is a picture of the end product. You can find it on my Etsy Shop Here.

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The process to create the shelf wasn’t that difficult. The hardest part was creating the keyhole on the back of the shelf to flush-mount to the wall. You can see the keyhole in the picture below. I created a special router jig to get the holes in the perfect place as I had to repeat this process several times and I needed consistency in my products.

Back of a LEGO Minfig Shelf

The Lego Minifig shelves are all painted “Lego White”. I used the Lego plates as a pop of color for the shelf. When you place your order you can specify if you want the Lego plates to be glued or not. I figured some people may want to put in their own plates or color combinations.

COLOR LEGO Minfig Shelf Plates

Each shelf holds 16 Lego Minifigs. I decided to go with 16 because Lego has a minifigure series they release two to three times a year. These shelves are a great way to display them all.  You can visit Lego’s website here and purchase the current series.

I am quite happy with the final product and I know Ethan will love putting his characters on the shelf. If you have any questions about this product or how it was built, please leave me a comment.