I believe in the natural beauty of wood and furniture. Some of our products have a Danish or Osmo oil finish. The function of Danish or Osmo oil is to provide a hard-wearing finish, rather than a particularly fine or high-gloss finish. Repair requires professional sanding and refinishing. Our products can also be finished in the raw, this is when there is no finish applied to to the wood.


You’ve put a lot of care into choosing your furniture and we recommend that if you need to clean or maintain the furniture, to proceed with the following guidelines.

  • Dust with soft dry cloth.

  • Do not use liquid or aerosol products like Pledge and Woodrite as they will dry out the wood and leave a film on the surface.

  • Clean with dry cloth; do not use glass cleaner.

  • Expansion and contraction will occur with changes in humidity. Humidity should be between 35-50%.

  • For indoor use only.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaner.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

  • Protect from heat and liquids.


Some of our products are handmade and variation in wood and color will differ slightly.