How to Build a Farmhouse Coat Rack


Building a coat rack is a great beginner woodworking project. You can build this type of coat rack with basically any type of old wood. I was able to get some old barn wood from a friend of mine that had a barn that was several hundred years old.

You can follow along with the plans and or watch the build video.

Watch The Video


Old barn wood siding – 8ft 1×8


Cordless Nail Gun Kit |
Dremel –


Flat Black Coat Hooks –
Wood Glue –
Drywall Anchors –
2.5 in Wood Screws –


How to build a farmhouse coat rack. Please note this is a basic instruction how to for a more detailed version be sure to download the plans.

Step 1

Watch the video and download the blueprints.

Step 2

Cut your wood to your desired length using a miter saw. I made mine about 4ft. You will need two 4ft boards.

Step 3

Make your top shelf by trimming down your board to about 6-7 inches. You will need to use a table saw for this step.

Step 4

Attach the top to the back using woodglue and screws.

Step 5

Next, you will need to install your coat hooks

Step 6

Your project is now complete and you can hang it on the wall using drywall anchors and screws.