How To Make a Fall Farmhouse Bench

Samantha has been asking me for quite some time to build her a bench for the front porch. I finally found some time to make one. I looked at a lot of different benches on Pinterest, YouTube and other websites and I presented the options to her, and she liked this design the best. She only had one request and that was for the top to match the front door and the frame to be white. 

Watch The Video

Here is a video tutorial that I made showing you how to make the bench. Please subscribe to my channel.

Building a farmhouse bench was rather simple and cost less than $20. That might not sound like a lot but you need some rather nice and expensive tools to properly mill and assemble the bench. These tools have cost me close to $2,000. You could do it with cheaper tools but it would take longer and the precision may not be as good as you might want. *Side note here, I truly believe investing in good tools, it is one of the best things you can do for your home. I am thankful my wife lets me make these types of purchase and that I can build things for her that make her happy. Like they say, happy wife happy life. With all that said, tools are a great investment for your relationship, marriage and family.

Tools, Materials, Cuts needed to make a the Fall Farmhouse Bench

The length, width and height of the bench in the video is 5ftx13.5inx18in. You can make the bench length any size you need. I chose 5ft so it could fit in the corner of my front porch, but this can be totally custom to fit your needs.



  • 3 – 2x6x8
  • 3 – 2x4x8
  • 22 – 2.5in screws
  • Kreg Jig Screws (2.5in)
  • 8 – 2in nail gun nails
  • Sand Paper – 100 grit and 250 grit
  • 1 can – Varathane Stain & Polyurethane water based (Dark Walnut)
  • 1 can – White Paint (Gloss)
  • 1 bottle – Titebond 3 Woodglue


  • 4 Legs – 13.5in
  • 2 Leg tops – 13.5in
  • 2 Leg base – 14.75in
  • 2 Supports – 29in
  • 3 Bench tops – 5ft (Note: the center board’s width is cut to 2.5in and the two outer boards are each trimmed to 5.5in)

Fall Has Arrived

No house, front door or bench is complete unless it is dressed for the season. I am thankful that Samantha is talented at decorating. She loves to dress up the front porch for all the seasons. Here is a picture of her work. She did such a good job on the FALL sign, so proud of her. My daughter Grace loved sitting on the bench and I think she might make a good woodworker or designer someday.