How to Build a Custom Closet for $100 – Woodworking Project


Learn how to build a custom closet for $100 using two sheet of 3/4in plywood. One sheet for the center shelf and the second sheet for the top and side shelf. The video and plans below will show you how to use the space you have to organize and build shelving that fits your needs.

In this video you will use one 3/4in 4’x8′ birch plywood to create this custom bedroom closet. The total cost for this build is about $100. Yep that is right, $100 amazing right. This video will show you the basics of closet shelf building. I believe anyone can build amazing things. Be sure do download the plans.

The closet design can be modified to fit most any standard home or bedroom closet. All you need to do is follow the basic building principles and instructions and you can have a custom closet for $100.

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• Adobe Creative Cloud | (Optional)

• SketchUp | (Optional)


Step 1

Cut down your 4×8 sheets of plywood to the width of your shelves. Please reference the blueprints here for specific details.

Step 2:

Drill your pocket holes into each shelf. 2-4 pocket holes will work.

Kreg Jigged Shelves for Custom Closet

Step 3:

I would recommend that after you cut everything down and drill your pocket holes to start sanding everything. Sanding when everything is cut and flat will save time and make your life easier. You can sand by hand but I would recommend using an orbital sander to save time.

Step 4:

Paint your closet shelves. I would recommend laying everything flat and pain one side and let it dry over night and then pain the other side. Once both sides are painted you can move to step 5.

Painting Custom Closet Shelves - Birch Plywood
Painting Custom Closet Shelves – Birch Plywood

Step 5:

Glue and attach your shelves to the side of the supports. You will need you use your 24in clamp to hold everything in place. Please see the video as a reference.

Assembled Custom Closet Shelves using Kreg Jig R3
Assembled Custom Closet Shelves using Kreg Jig R3

Step 5:

Let everything sit over night to allow enough time for the glue to dry. Once everything is dry begin sanding the edges. You can use edge banding to cover the edges if you so desire. Please see my pantry video to see how I attached edge banding. Now you can paint the edges of the shelving unit

Step 6:

Installing your shelves is easy. All you need to do is find your placement in your closet and attach the unit to the walls. Be sure to check out the video on how I did this in my closet and if you have any questions please use the comments below.

Step 7:

Installing White Hanging Hardware in a closet using a Dewalt Drill
Installing White Hanging Hardware in a closet using a Dewalt Drill

Once your shelves are installed all you need to do now is add the hardware to hang your cloths. To do this you will need a tape measure, level and pencil.

Step 8:

Ok you are done you have built your very own custom closet. Take some time to enjoy all the things you learned and take a picture and share it on your favorite social network. Be sure to tag @philipmillerfurniture in the post.


You learned what materials and tools were needed to build a custom reach-in closet. You had the opportunity to build this project using budget tools or premium tools.

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If you have any questions about this build please post your comments below.