How to Build a DIY Lego Table Woodworking Project

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

I love Legos and so do my kids. I will show you how I built my own DIY Lego storage table and provide you all the information you need to build your own DIY Lego play table. This Lego kids table has removable legs and storage dividers for your Legos as well as a drawer for all the Lego instructions or as my son calls them “constructions”.

Be sure to watch the How to Build a DIY Lego Table YouTube video to see how this Lego table was built and constructed using tools and hardware you can find at your local hardware store and Amazon. This Lego table was built for the Rockler Plywood Challenge and to cut down the clutter and organize my son’s bed room.

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Watch The Video





Step 1

Watch the video and download the blueprints.

Step 2

Go to your local hardware store and purchase the materials and supplies listed in the above Materials list. Make sure to purchase the following lumber sizes.

  • 3/4in birch plywood. One 4×8 sheet will be more than enough to build this Lego table
  • ¼ MDF. 4×4 sheet or less would work. You need about 2ftx3ft for the build

Step 3

Go to amazon and purchase the following, they have the best price:

  • Drawer slide
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • R3 Kreg Jig
  • Dado blade if you don’t have one
  • 6 Lego green plates

Step 4

Print off the plans and measure out everything and cut the birch plywood and MDF using your table saw and miter saw.

Step 5

Once all the pieces are cut you will need to cut the grooves for the dividers and drawer

Step 6

Build the main table by attaching the longest sides first. To attach the sides be sure to elevate to top of the table to 1.5in this can be done using two scrap pieces of 3/4 wood. You will use your Kreg Jig R3 to make the necessary pocket holes to attach the sides. 

Step 7

After the two longer side are attached, attach the two smaller inner sides. Be sure to put glue on either and use a clamp to secure it to the large longer side.

Step 8

After the longer sides and smaller inner sides are attached it is time to attach the outer side. Make sure that there is a ¼ dado cut at the bottom. This will be where you will install the bottom of the storage area. It is recommended that you use glue and a brad nailer to hold it together and don’t forget the clamp and let it sit and dry overnight.

Step 9

Next you will be ready to install the bottom of the storage area. Make sure to apply glue and use your brad nailer to install the bottom.

Step 10

You are now ready to make the drawer. Take all 4 sides and apply glue and slide the bottom into the ¼ in groove that you cut using your dado blade. Be sure to use your Kreg Jig to create pocket holes to install the screws and don’t forget to clamp and let it dry overnight.

Step 11

Pain the drawer white.

Step 12

Paint the Lego table top white. It is optional to paint the dividers. I like leaving them their natural MDF color for contrast.

Step 13

Install the drawer slides and make sure to leave enough room for fine tune adjustment.

Step 14

Build 4 Lego table legs using your Kreg Jig R3.

Step 15

Paint the 4 Lego table legs white.

Step 16

Number each leg 1-4 and mark the corresponding leg one of the 4 corners of the table. This will help with installation later down the road if you end up taking your legs off.

Step 17

Attach the Lego table legs 1-4 using a clamp then drill a hole on each side of the table top to attach the leg.

Step 18

Insert a hex bolt through the hole that you drilled. Once the bolt is installed remove the clamp and repeat for every side and leg.

Step 19

Clean any drill debris and touch paint up as needed.

Step 20

Install the Lego plates. (Optional to glue or not glue)

Lego table build instructions and blueprints can be downloaded on my Etsy shop.


Congratulations you built your very first Lego table and building a Lego table is easy. I hope you had fun building this project and that you or your children will love it for years to come. This table is unique in that it holds the instructions. In my research I never did find a good solution to this problem, that is why I created this tutorial and video. Please subscribe and follow me on social media and message or post in the comments below if you have questions. Happy Lego building.