A New Modern Table Leg Fastener

Meet a new kind of table leg fastener. There are two versions of this table leg tenon fastener. The lightweight version and the adjustable version. First, let’s talk about what makes this new kind of table leg fastener so versatile, easy to use and great for making tables and furniture.

Attaching a table leg fastener plate to a table top

The Design

This type of table leg tenon fastener is designed to fit within a shallow mortise created in the bottom of your table top. The fastener is hidden from view and is able to support lightweight and heavy large conference tables.

A few key features that this table leg fasteners provide include:

  • Recessed table leg plate/fastener onto the underside of table.
  • Offset plate on table leg so plate is not visible once attached.
  • Micro adjustable fastener to fine tune the placement of the fastener which is available on the 1/4″ version of the table leg fastener.
White oak table leg and table top attached using the matte black adjustable tenon fastener™

The Sizes

There are three sized table leg fasteners. The first size is a 4×4 table leg fastener and can be used with the following table leg sizes.

  • 1.5″ table leg thickness
  • 2×2″ table leg thickness
  • 2.25″ table leg thickness

The second size table leg fastener is 5×5 and can be used with the following table leg sizes.

  • 2.5″ table leg thickness
  • 2.75″ table leg thickness
  • 3×3″ table leg thickness

The third size table leg fastener is 6×6 and can be sued with the following table leg sizes.

  • 3.5″ table leg thickness
  • 4″ table leg thickness
  • 4.5″ table leg thickness
tenon fastener plate leg size info

Each plate is optimal for specific applications or builds. The 4×4 plate is best used for small end or side tables and accepts #8 or #10 screws. The 5×5 is best used for coffee tables, sofa tables, console tables and accepts #8 or #10 screws. The 6×6 plate is best used for kitchen or dinning tables and conference tables and accepts #10 or #12 screws.

The Versions

There are two versions of the table leg tenon fastener.

The first version is the 1/4″ Adaptable Tenon Fastener™

This includes a micro adjustment feature is only available on the 1/4″ fastener. This feature allows you to make micro adjustments to the x and y position of your table leg. This gives you the ability to fine tune the position of the table leg to account for any variance that may occur with the positioning of your table leg to the edge of your table top.

Micro Adjustment Fastener GIF

The second version is the 1/8in Tenon Fastener™

This is a light-weight version of the table leg tenon fastener. It does not have the micro adjustment holes and is perfect for lighter-weight applications like side tables and end tables. This is the most affordable fastener available and perfect for smaller projects. However, don’t be fooled by its weight and size! These little guys are extremely strong and can hold a lot of weight.

matte black tenon fastener™ attached to a table leg and table top

The Adjustable Mortise Jig™

The Adjustable Mortise Jig™ creates a shallow mortise and it is packed with features that help you create repeatable precision mortises every-time. This jig works with a standard plunge router that most of us already have in our wood shops. The adjustable mortise jig is designed to work with 1/4″ or 1/8″ template router bits and is made up of two components.

Routing a shallow mortise using a jig

The top mounting member sits on top of the bottom indexing member. The top mounting member has holes that allow you to temporarily attach the jig to the surface of your object. The bottom indexing member has two features. The first feature is the indexing tab, this allows you to set your jig on the very edge or corner of an object. Second features are the alignment tabs, these help keep the jig properly aligned to the surface you are creating your mortise.

Mortise and Tenon OhSoBlue Jig Info v2

The version of this mortise jig can adjust up to three different sizes. This allows you to create mortise sizes that are 4″x4″, 5″x5″, and 6″x6″. These sizes are designed to work with the steel plate tenon fasteners and different table leg sizes and configurations. Let’s take a look at the tenon fasteners.

The Adjustable Mortise Jig Kit

The Adjustable Mortise Jig Kit includes Custom Case, Self-Centering Bit, Template Bit, Adjustable Mortise Jig™ and 4 Tenon Fasteners™ (size of tenon fastener plates vary based on the kit selection) This kit is a great way to get started as it comes with everything you need including the bits and tools you need to start building.

Jigs and Fasteners in a black foam case with 4x4 adaptable matte black tenon fasteners

The Benefits

This is a new process and method for anyone to create, build and assemble mortise and tenons joints. This method does not require any traditional training in woodworking. We have simplified the process for creating and applying shallow mortise and tenons to objects, making this type of joint accessible to everyone no matter their skill level. Here is a list of some of the benefits.

Saves Time

Create a mortise and tenon joint in a matter of minutes vs. hours. Gives you time back to your day.

Easy to use

Novice to Expert. There is no guess work. We take care of the precision so you don’t have to.


Quickly and accurately create a mortise and tenon joint using basic every day shop tools.

Innovative idea

Adjustable, accurate, perfect every time and you don’t have to be an experienced woodworker to create mortise and tenon joints.

New products

Allows you to create and build new products for your customers. Increases your revenue and market reach.

Made in USA

Everything is manufactured, made and assembled right here in the USA.

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Creating mortise and tenon joints is nothing new however, our system and method of creating these types of joints is unique and different. We have expanded and simplified this joinery method. Our system creates a shallow mortise and tenon joint using a uniquely designed adjustable mortise jig and tenon fastener that can be attached to any surface. Creating mortise and tenon joints should be simple, fast, and make your life easier. This new method of joinery will allow you to make new products that were once out of reach or impossible. The Adjustable Mortise Jig & Tenon System™ is designed to work with small and large projects, ranging from side tables to conference tables. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know what you think, post a comment below or share with your friends. Lets make great things together!